Laurene LaVallis - Key To Our Love / Love Don't Change
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Laurene LaVallis - Key To Our Love / Love Don't Change

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Set against the musical backdrop of 80s Detroit, Laurene LaVallis was still in school when she happened across local producer Wyman Jerome Taylor auditioning for a lead vocalist. LaVallis, who grew up singing in choir, brought a record to sing along to and cemented her place on Taylor's recording project

In 1984, LaVallis was invited to Taylor's home studio to record 'Key To Our Love' & 'Love Don't Change'. Jerome, who had sampled all the instruments onto his synthesiser, had the titles 'Key To Our Love' & 'Love Don't Change' and worked with Laurene to finalise both tracks lyrically & structurally before handing them over to the Detroit imprint, Tronic

Following their record release party they didn't go on to become a performing group due to their age difference, LaVallis 16 whereas Taylor in his 30s. Contact was lost shortly after Laurene left for Pontaic and nothing was heard from either of them musically. Thankfully this brief moment is documented through these two timeless tracks